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We're very excited to have partnered with Hugo's Eco-Delivery​ so you can have your Naked Larder order packed up and delivered to your door still using your own reusable containers! 

A great way to avoid a car journey and opt for eco-friendly electric bike delivery!


Hugo will pick up, fill up and deliver your filled containers

back to you. The service can be booked online when you place

your order if you are within a 2 mile radius of Naked Larder

Herne Hill and the following rates apply: 

Delivery charges: 

  • £10 for orders up to £25

  • £7.50 for orders up to £50

  • £5 for orders over £50

Maximum delivery weight: 25kg.

Your containers will be collected and delivered back to you on

the Monday collection date.

If you are over 2 miles away or over the 25kg weight limit

please contact Phili for a quote.

Delivery is possible up to 4 miles from Naked Larder.


Tel: 07815 713066

To use Hugo's Eco-Delivery service: 

1) Register with Naked Larder Herne Hill 

2) Place an order and select delivery at checkout.

(If you are more than 2 miles from Naked Larder you will not be able to select delivery at checkout, contact us instead for a quote).


3) We will forward a copy of your Naked Larder email order confirmation to Hugo for reference. If your weight calculation is over 25kg Phili will contact you to discuss extra charges. 


4) Hugo will arrange to pick up your containers and deliver them back to you, filled, on the Monday Naked Larder collection date.

5) You will receive an email confirming details on the Friday before collection and further tracking information will be sent out on the Sunday before collection with updates following on the Monday.

5) On the Monday delivery day you will receive a notification that Hugo is on route with your delivery.


Important notes:

  • All dry goods containers must be clearly labelled in advance with the name of the product and the amount ordered, eg. almonds 0.25kg, as per photo on right.  Masking tape is ideal for this and can be changed easily for future orders. Ensure any old labels from previous orders are removed.

  • For liquids, please mark the volume you require on the container by using the same volume of water at home first.  We would appreciate it if you even measure bottles that say they contain the quantity you require.  From experience, bottles are not always what they seem!

  • Put a list in your bag of any other items that do not require containers, eg soaps, dishwasher tablets etc.

  • Click here for more information on containers for collection.

  • If there are any allergens Hugo and we should be aware of please make sure this is clearly indicated.

  • Avoid glass containers where possible - the bike is bumpy! If you need to use glass bottles please ensure they are wrapped safely in protective materials.

  • Containers must seal tightly to avoid lids popping off whilst on route. 

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