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How does Naked Larder work?


Naked Larder provides a range of grains, beans & pulses, nuts, dried fruit, flours, pasta, cereals, eco-friendly cleaning product refills, personal care products and more for South Londoners who seek to reduce their environmental impact without increasing the cost of their grocery bills.


All of our items are ethically sourced and purchased in bulk volumes to ensure a minimal impact on the earth and your wallet.

You place an order with Naked Larder online, then collect at the pre arranged time with your own reusable containers. The weight/volume of the goods you have ordered are measured out and off you go!


Collections take place monthly with a variety of times being available. You can order every month or less frequently if preferable. Details of monthly order cut off dates and collection slots can be seen in our calendar.

Unfortunately our electric bike service delivery is not currently available but we are working on a solution and will update the website with details as soon as we can.

Our Products


See our product list for current items available and prices.  As our community grows the range can expand in accordance with member demand, so spread the word!


We work with suppliers who have comprehensive sustainability and ethical policies, and have rigorous standards for their corporate social responsibility. If you would like more details about suppliers then contact usFor details of the packaging we receive the goods in please see here.

The organic question?….Whilst we strongly believe that organic farming and food production is the right way forward, we also know that buying all organic produce is simply not affordable for everyone. Wherever possible we will stock organic items when in line with our pricing strategy and availability from suppliers. Please check our products available section for details on what products are organic.

We wish to provide a service for packaging free produce that is widely affordable and therefore do stock non organic produce for much of our range to give a less expensive option. Over time we hope to add more organic produce as space allows. There are currently several packaging free shops in the area who do stock all organic produce if that is what your preference is.

If you have particular dietary requests we are happy to look into that too, just get in touch.


To order with Naked Larder, please register first (it's free). Each month we will send details of the order and collection dates, and the password to access the order through our online shop.  When you register we'll also send you a voucher for 10% off your first order!


Dry goods can generally be ordered in amounts of 0.25kg, 0.5kg and full kilograms. Refills for cleaning and personal products can be ordered amounts ranging between 0.1l and full litres.


Minimum order is £10.

Allergen Statement

If you or anyone in your household/close circle suffers from a life threatening allergy to any food product, we politely request that you do not shop with Naked Larder. Our model is to stock unpackaged food and we stock many allergens. Whilst we do our utmost to ensure cross contamination does not occur there remains a significant risk of it happening.

Allergens that are currently present in our products include:

  • Gluten

  • Nuts

  • Sulphur dioxide

  • Sesame

  • Sulphites

Cross contamination with soya may also have occurred during the manufacturing process for some items. 

Refer a friend

Refer a friend to Naked Larder we'll give you a voucher for 15% off when they place their first order and them 15% off their first order.

Just be sure to tell them to mention your name on the registration form when filling in how they heard about us. We'll send them a voucher code and yours will be sent to you when they have made their first order.


Please do keep spreading the word, share our links on your social media and invite your friends to give us a go!

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